Getting good, restful sleep (experts suggest 7-9 hours a night!) is essential for proper skin cell and tissue rejuvenation. Achieve restful sleep by clearing your mind before your head hits the pillow. Power down cellphones, TV, and other stimulating activities 30-minutes before your intended bedtime. Instead, read a “for fun” book or listen to music.

A full night’s sleep (the experts recommend nine hours, but we’ll take a restful seven) plays a big role in skin health and performance. Exhausted skin shows. Dark circles, puffy skin under eyes, and a dull, muddy complexion are all visible signs of a sleepless night. But at work underneath the skin are dehydration (hello, fine lines and wrinkles!) and a weakened defense system. This leaves skin extra vulnerable to environmental pollutants and other chemicals. Then there is the stress associated with exhaustion, which can lead to inflammation and other visible skin imperfections. Okay, we sound like a mom, but this is pretty important advice.

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